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Posted: 15 Jun 2017
enfeedia RSS feed publisherGreetings Shawnee-Mission East Class of 1962 - from your Reunion Committee ("FOG")!

Here you will find all the information you need to learn about the 55th Reunion scheduled for Oct 6 & 7, 2017. (Revised 6-13-2017)

Click on this Google Drive "Folder" - It contains the Schedule and Re ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 07 Aug 2016
SME62 - 55th Reunion News - Yes! It's coming! - Important CORRECTIONS - Please Read 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherHello to all SME62 Lancers! { corrections included }
Get excited! We are looking forward to a great 55th Reunion, Oct 6-7, 2017. More than a reunion, it will be a fun Kansas City vacation adventure, even for the locals. In fact, we're so excited we wish we could just go ahead and have the ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 03 Jun 2014
SME62 Class News - 70th Birthday Bash Reminder to RSVP and send $ 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherAs if we need reminding that we are 70 - or nearly so! Since we feel much younger, it is time to have a party! And it is time to add your and your guest's name to the 90+ who are coming. The party is June 28th at Sylvester Powell Community Center in Mission, KS, 3:30-6:30 pm, we'll have B ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 03 Jun 2014
SME62 Class News - Blandings' Circumnavigation Complete - and - they are attending the 70th Birthday BBQ Bash on 6/28! 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn May 27th, 2014 at 1120, at the entrance to Anegada, BVI, Sunflower crossed her December, 2000 track created during our shake-down cruise to the BVI. There was considerable honking of horns, popping of champagne, and appropriate hubbub created by Pete and Lyn and Tony and Shelly on their boat, SV ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 03 Jun 2014
SME62 Class News - The Blandings' Sunflower Highlights, Bequia to Antigua, 8 April 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherSince we left Grenada, we have visited 11 islands and anchored in 16 different places. That is way too many for a short newsletter. In fact, we were so busy sailing, anchoring, and visiting, that our newsletter written a month ago never was sent!! For the more geographically curious, here are the is ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 19 Nov 2013
CORRECTION: Judy Harber-Cunningham-Streett is alive and well in South Carolina! 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherFrom Judy:

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting briefly with Pam Schumacher Gradinger who informed me that some misinformation regarding my existence had been disseminated at the SME Class of '62 50th Reunion (Wish I had been there!!!). Was it Mark Twain who wrote "The news of my demise h ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 23 Jun 2013
Blanding's ongoing circumnavigation saga: Ascension 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherAscension is another interesting British volcanic island, 8 degrees South of the equator in the middle of the Atlantic, -- Click here to open the full report

Posted: 23 Jun 2013
Blanding's ongoing circumnavigation saga: St Helena 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherSt Helena is one of the most unique places Sunflower has visited. It is one of the most isolated places ... Click here to open the full report.

Posted: 15 May 2013
Suzanne Klotz Awarded a Fulbright Scholar Grant 
photoenfeedia RSS feed publisherArizona artist Suzanne Klotz, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to create an art salon and run a collaborative workshop with Palestinian women and their families in Amman, Jordan the United States Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board announced recently. ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 23 Apr 2013
PART 2: Sunflower Departs South Africa 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherContinued...

On March 6th we made an overnight sail to Cape Town, and the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront (V&A) Marina, arriving at 8am. We had to motor through two swing-bridges to enter the marina. The only problem was a very large sea lion, who would not allow JJMoon, our buddy-boat, to doc ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 23 Apr 2013
Kathie and Dave Blanding circumnavigation update PART 1: Sunflower Departs South Africa, 20 April 2013 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherHi, Everyone,

Today we leave South Africa, ending almost 5 months in country. When the Somalia pirates seized the Quest in February, 2011 we were forced to change our course from the Mediterranean to a sail around the cape of Africa. We expected it to be an interesting alternative, but South Afr ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 16 Apr 2013
Kathie and Dave Blanding Circumnavigation Update: Krakatoa Volcano Eruption Video! 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherA documentary film maker, Daniel Poulson, edited our video of the major eruption of the Krakatoa Volcano in Indonesia, on 2 September, 2012 and integrated it with an interview with Kathie and me. We think he did a great job of capturing the event and the excitement(?) aboard SV Sunflower when Krakat ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 27 Dec 2012
Kathie Blanding's Circumnavigation December 2012 Installment 
photoenfeedia RSS feed publisherAnother installment of Kathie Harrow Blanding's around the world trip is now available. Click here to view the installment.

Posted: 24 Sep 2012
Ongoing SME62.ORG Website Maintenance and Enhancements 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherFrom Ken Gorman: As previously committed, I will provide ongoing support of this website indefinitely into the future, for as long as the gang finds the site has value and it gets used. Originally, the plan was that my support would be to basically maintain the integrity of the website, with a volun ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 24 Sep 2012
Kathie Blanding's Sailing Update - Part 3 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherPart 3...

The ITCZ fought us for the last 5 days, but we are finally anchored in the beautiful Chagos Salomom Islands, behind Fouquet Island. Several species of birds have come out to say hello and the reefs and coconut lined beaches are beckoning but we took the afternoon off for a nap, a few g ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 22 Sep 2012
In Memoriam movie now available for viewing on In Memoriam page 

Posted: 17 Sep 2012
New photos now on Photo Gallery: 1962 Talent Show 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherClick title about to go to the Photo Gallery page, select the September addition for new photos, a 1962 Talent Show. Does anyone know who any of these people are? If so, post it in FeedBack for this item!

Posted: 13 Sep 2012
SM East Class of 1962 looking for fundraising dollars, missing classmates ahead of 50th reunion 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherPosted in the Prairie Village Post:

The Shawnee Mission East class of 1962 has issued a challenge to every graduating class that follows them to give back something to East. The GLAD62 Legacy Challenge (that stands for Golden Lancer Anniversary Donation) is a fundraising effort by the class to pi ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 05 Sep 2012
GLAD62 Legacy Challenge details added to website 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe menu in the left column has been updated, with "GLAD62 Legacy Challenge" replacing "Legacy Program." Check it out now!

Posted: 03 Sep 2012
Kathie Blanding's Harrowing Experience with a Krakatoa Eruption, Part 1 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherFrom: Kathie (Harrow) Blanding
3 September 2012
[Kathie's email posted here by Ken Gorman (with liberty taken for the title)]
=== PART 1 ===

Hi Everyone,
This is why we came! We are now anchored at Pulau Rakata, just south of Anak (child of) Krakatoa Volcano. Our anchorage is beautiful an ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 03 Sep 2012
Kathie Blanding's Harrowing Experience with a Krakatoa Eruption, Part 2 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherFrom: Kathie (Harrow) Blanding
=== PART 2 ===

We left Nongsa Marina with another boat, JJMoon on 19 August, making day-hops to anchorages at Mesenak and Kentar. Kentar is only 3.5 nmi North of the Equator, so the next day, as we sailed across the Equator for the 3rd time, we had a beer in celebr ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 01 Jun 2012
Breaking News 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherCheck here for general news about the SME class of 62. A dedicated feed for the Class of 62 Reunion is provided on the 50th Reunion page of this website. Click the "Set Up Pings (Email Alerts)" link below the last item of this feed to register for email alerts about new postings, if you have not alr ... read RSS feed item.