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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to log in to view the website?

Except for the 'Login/Class Page', every page of this website is viewable without logging in.

How do I get a userID and password to log in?

You must register (at the 'Register' page) as a member of the Shawnee Mission East Class of '62 to be able to log in and view information only offered to members of the class of '62.

What if I forget my password?

Navigate to the 'Contact Us' page. Enter your email address and click the "Forgot My Password" button. A temporary password will be emailed to you. Navigate to the 'Login/Class Page' and log in with the temporary password. Find the "edit" link next to your name in the directory listing. Click that link to change to your preferred password. Enter the current (temporary) password, and then the new password, also confirming that new password on the form. Click the "Update Profile" button. Your new password is now in effect.

How do I change my profile information?

Navigate to the 'Login/Class Page' and log in. Find the "edit" link next to your name in the directory listing. Click that link to reveal a form for changing your profile information. Be sure to enter your password as an additional security measure. Click the "Update Profile" button. Your changes are now recorded.

Some information on the website are news feeds; what's that?

A news feed -- or more formally, an RSS news feed -- is a mechanism for communicating real-time information from time to time. When a new item is posted, the previous items are "pushed down" such that the most recent item is on top. A feed item is typically a title that is also a link to related information plus a description. The description might be very brief or quite lengthy. It might contain an image, a video, and/or more links to other information. When the website administrator posts news on the feed, not only do the most recent postings show in the website, but you can also receive an email notification about that item such that you receive the news right in your in-basket without having to visit the site. Without this feature, you'd have to repeatedly check the website to make sure you don't miss out on any important news. You must register for those email notifications.

How do I register for email notifications for news?

For each feed, you will find a "Set Up Pings (Email Alerts)" link below the last item presented from the feed. Click the link to open a window that explains the registration process. Then click a link on that page to open the Google FeedBurner page where your email address is verified. You enter and submit your email address, then Google sends an email to you at that address. The message contains a link that you click to verify your address. At this point, you are registered.

Do I just need to register once to receive email notifications from all feeds?

No, you must register for each feed for which you want notifications emailed to you. This gives you the flexibility to select the feeds of interest for which you want notification email. But the registration process only takes about a minute, so you can register for all the feeds in very little time.

When are those email alerts issued?

If one or more new items are posted on a feed, Google will send the email alert containing the item(s) in the wee hours of the morning. (That's typically in the 1am to 3am range, Mountain Time.) Think of the email as a digest of news posted the previous day.

What's the "FeedBack" link I see that is presented as the lead-in to feed item descriptions?

"FeedBack" is a feature wherein people can comment on the item associated with that link. Previously posted comments are revealed when you click the "FeedBack" link, and you are presented a form for posting your comment. The same is true if you click a "Read RSS Feed Item" link which is included at the end of a description which has been truncated when it exceeds the space allocated for feed descriptions. Clicking that link will reveal the full description along with FeedBack comments and the comment entry form.

Where are the RSS feeds published and managed?

This website uses the Enfeedia news feed publishing service to publish and manage feeds. Generally, you will not be aware of Enfeedia working in the background. Enfeedia is a popular site for website owners to publish their custom feeds to take advantage of the power of RSS feeds.

What's that round orange icon I see with the feed title?

That icon is a variation of the industry standard icon for RSS news feeds. When clicked, you will open a "NewsPage" that presents all items currently on the feed.

I found what I think to be a website design bug, how do I report it?

Navigate to the 'Contact Us' page, enter all the information you can about the bug so that the webmaster can troubleshoot the problem, and click the "Website Questions and Bug Reporting" button. He'll crank up the computer and be on it in no time at all.