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Hear Ye All SME62 Lancers! Come to the 60th Reunion!

Watch for 60th Reunion Details Here, in Emails and on Facebook. It’s time to reconvene - October 21-23, 2022

Welcome to the SME Class of 1962 website, created in 2012 to celebrate our 50th anniversary from our “Great Escape” (aka Graduation)! And to establish an online community for classmates to continue or re-establish friendships.

Since the 50th, we have celebrated our 70th Birthdays and our 55th Reunion. We have recently made some changes to the website, and we hope you will enjoy them and continue to use it to reconnect with old SME friends.

An Email Address is an easy way to stay in touch – please be sure to include your Email Address in your Profile and make it “not private”. If marked “private”, it can only be visible to your site administrators to contact you with news. But - if “not private”, your other SME62 classmates will be able to email you to reconnect! Imagine, we didn’t even have email until the early 90s, and now it is an integral part of daily life!

Explore the website to see how it can serve you. The Reunions and Class Events pages contain information from previous and current gatherings. In addition, the Reunions and Photo Gallery pages contain links to photos of events. And the 1962 page will tickle your nostalgic side. If you have content to share, use Contact Us to send it to your site administrator. Most likely we can find a place to include it.

You must Login to access the Class Page – which is where you will find all the SME62 Classmate information! Use the Members Register page to contact your site administrator and establish your Login credentials.

Click the Login/Class Page to see a Directory of all the Classmates and learn all about their lives and whereabouts! You will be amazed ... and entertained!. Please include in your profile a Bio, Fond Memories and Reflections, and Unabashed Self Promotion. You can open your profile to review and update by clicking your name in the Directory listing. You can click the names of other Classmates to see their profile.

You will have so much fun seeing all the Classmates and their Senior Yearbook photos – then clicking on each one to read their notes and bios. You will especially appreciate comparing the 1962 pictures against the "now" pictures to see how gracefully we have aged.. You can update your own profile, and even upload your own current photo! You can email any classmate from this page if their email address is not marked private. Also on the Class Page are many filters and ways to sort the list that makes it easy to find old friends (and you can be confident all your friends are old) - - you can filter by City/State, First Name, Birth Month, Last Name ’62, Current Last Name, etc.

While at the Class Page, be sure to click Browse Classmates to get a listing, in sort of a newspaper format, a listing of classmates articles for those classmates who have provided a Bio, Fond Memories or Self Promotion, stuff needed to make an article interesting.

Sadly, many classmates are no longer with us. The In Memoriam page provides a tribute to those who had passed on, that we knew of as of the 50th Reunion. All currently known Deceased classmates may be seen using the Deceased filter on the Class Page. In many cases, the obituary is included in the Biography.

This website will be evolving and expanding, and there is also the issue of pesky bugs - say it cannot be true, Gorman. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn about new features, get tips about using the website, and find out about bug fixes.

The Contact Us page provides a way to, you know, contact us by sending messages to the staff on any topic. If you have a question, a problem or want to contribute ideas, that is the place to get your message across.

Get News and Info

Stay current with the goings-on of your class of 62. The "News and Info" page presents a news feed where volunteers post, you got it, news information such as reunions being planned, parades to be attended by SME62 class of 1962 alumni, plans to attend events at your alma mater, activites and financial support for the benefit of your alma mater, and social events in the greater Kansas Cuty area and at distant locations. You can plan events at your location with local alumni and have news posted about those events in the News and Info page by submitting the information using the Contact Us feature. By attending events, SME62 alumni can maintain lasting friendships and support your alma mater well into the future. Make sure you keep your email address current so that we can contact you to keep you included in all things.

"Funny How Time Slips Away"
Listen to many more on the "1962" page.

Class of '62 Gift:
Mosaic tile with inscription "Wisdom, Honor, Truth, Loyalty"

The Mosaic tile gift has been restored and rehung through generous 1962 classmate donations. It is hung indoors near the gymnasiam door.